Same places in WWII 1944 and now in 2014



Beautifully done. Exact places and angles too. Nostalgic

WWII-1944 then 2014:
Keep going back and forth on each pic!  Like traveling back in time!


Just click on the photo anywhere and it will become 2014.
Click again and it will go back to 1944.

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Mind boggling Trick Shots


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If you are a Billiards, Snooker or Pool player – or have ever been one – this series of youtube videos will simple dazzle you. I was awestruck! Ignore the blonde on the table, she’s just a sort of a prop. Look at the wide array of shots this man has and his fantastic imagination in creating such shots. Breathtaking!

Overcoming Procrastination



I read this nice article on the blogpage Very nicely explained by the author T J Philpott. The points are so simple that we often tend to overlook them.

“Overcoming procrastination can be one of the hardest things to do since the people who need to do this the most always delay in taking action. Procrastination is a serious example of an ‘epic’ lack of motivation which the longer it is allowed the more deeply rooted it becomes” Read more at

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The legendary Warren Buffet had his popular Annual Meeting of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders and as every year, took questions from everyone including journalists and analysts.  Fortune have compiled, topicwise, the whole essence of the meeting in several ‘000s of tweets by many people. It’s a great read. 

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting, In Tweets –

16 Reasons Sanskrit Is An Asset We Should All Be Proud Of

Sanskrit language study interests me a lot. Its easy to learn and understand. And our proud heritage too. Re-blogging this informative blog.


Sanskrit is reminiscent of India’s rich heritage – the same heritage most of us have forgotten about. Today, most of us re-visit the language only when we want to get a Sanskrit shloka tattooed on our body, or when we want to name a new born in the family. We’ve forgotten the basics of this language, but we’re busy trying to master other foreign languages. But Sanskrit, as a language, is a treasure and it has many features that we should be proud of. Here are 16 of them.

1. The order of words does not matter in Sanskrit.

Any student can make a sentence is Sanskrit and it would make complete sense. Sanskrit has a complex inflection of nouns, pronouns, adjectives and articles to indicate number, case or gender. This means that the word order is free.

2. Believe it or not, but Sanskrit is older than Hebrew and…

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Key Difference between Public and Private Sector Banks

Friends, in the recent past Banks in India have been in the news for their stressed assets and Non Performing Assets (NPAs) – a term for loans gone bad and recoveries very tough. In India there are State-run Banks and also some private ones which are doing better. This article explains nicely the difference between the two.

The Aircraft Carriers of India


Sharing this very nice article The Aircraft Carriers of India, published in Swarajya magazine

INS Vikrant was a legend and so are INS Virat and INS Vikramaditya. However, much has changed since these old war-horses were designed and commissioned. The new addition of the future will be differently equipped with state of the art weaponry and communications systems.

I can never forget the day we visited the grand old INS Vikrant, now decommisioned, as school children. Everlasting memory of the great Carrier that served the Nation with distinction and glory!

Indian Culture and Heritage


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National Institute of Open Schooling is a wonderful programme under the “Sarva Shikshan Abhiyaan” (translated as Education for all) an initiative of the Government of India. It benefits anyone and everyone who wishes to pursue studies in an informal manner. Those who have benefited from this program, as I understand, are housewives, young adults, children, senior citizens and all sections of Society in rural and urban areas. I was told that even convicts serving time in jails are availing of this opportunity to learn with an attitude of “Its never to late to start” !

The NIOS website gives comprehensive details of their programmes and procedures. Their study books are all available online for free. I particularly liked the section on Indian Culture and Heritage which has some excellent pdf files, free to download. Very well collated and presented. Hope readers of this blog find it useful.