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I read this wonderful blog on the blogging site http://artily.weebly.com/ and sharing here. Very simple yet inspiring. You can find many more such blogs on this website.


How good can your life get? Can it be better than it is now? By how much? 

I know that my life has certainly gotten better over time and each time I get ready to go to a new level, I take a dip. Not so much monetarily as emotionally. (And it can be monetary as well.)

This dip happens for people like you and me when we realize we need to do things differently to have our life and our dreams be what we truly want them to be.

When we make big changes like this we often have to let go of a part of us — the part that no longer serves us. Perhaps it is the part of you that wants to be in control and do everything yourself. Well, needless to say, your dreams can only grow so far if you are doing everything yourself. There are only so many hours in a day.    Read more here