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anky of morvi

Gold is considered sacred by Hindus and is worshiped as goddess Lakshmi.  Hindus consider feet as unclean and impure. Hence, they don’t wear gold jewellery on feet, as it is considered an insult to goddess Lakshmi. That is except royalty. In days of yore, wearing a gold on feet was a prerogative of royalty, a symbol of being masters of wealth. And it was kings alone who could wear and bestow this privilege on others.

why i write on this anklet ?? why me interested to highlight this ? The reason for my interest in this anklet is that a spectacular gold anklet belonging to the Maharaja of Morvi  of it cost … it is estimated to be around £300,000-500,000 or almost near by 5 crores INR, [Indian rupees] !!!!!

Traditionally, this was done through bestowing the gold anklet in the court. This was an Indian equivalent of a knighthood.HH Thakur sahib  WAGHJI…

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